CS247: Everyday Rich Social Communication

Milestone Six: Functional Prototype II

We have a real website!

Cool feature Why it's important Priority this week Done?
Audio stream during drawing Part of core idea, users need to talk to each other to connect; successful in wizard-of-oz testing P0 Yes
Collaborative drawing Part of core idea, very successful in wizard-of-oz testing (previous version wasn't collaborative) P1 Yes
Resources page Experts from user testing last week spoke of need to point to resources, to provide more help P1 Yes
Create separate 1:1 drawing sessions Part of core idea, allow users to connect 1:1 for added comfort P1 No
Show who's online / create way to connect to draw Crucial once we implement 1:1 drawing sessions, in order to use site P1, blocked by Create separate 1:1 drawing sessions. Not yet. Currently, can see all signed-up users.
Listen to stories - new structure Users still felt awkward with the idea of recording a story alone, so we've replaced audio stories with a written story and image option. This will reduce the barrier to entry, while still providing a way to peek into your future drawing partner's life before you connect. (The latter part was very meaningful to users during testing, so we wanted a way to still offer them some insight into the "other" person.) P1 No
Listen to stories - new structure types Based on the new structure of story submission, we wanted to provide a very formatted option to submit and a very open-ended one. You could choose either. P3 No
Easier sign-up Users still felt awkward with the idea of recording a story alone, so we've made the sign-up process easier. P2 Yes
Add stamps to drawing app Based on wizard-of-oz testing, stamps were very successful, so we want to add our own. P3 Not yet - designed, but not added to prototype
Profile page base As part of the new sign-up process, we wanted to implement profile pages. Ultimately, this will be where you can see your previous drawings and more. P4 Yes
Icons Re-do icons in app to make more clear, add hover text to provide guidance P4 Yes
About us page We're a new brand. We need to get our story out to get survivors to trust us. P4 Yes