CS247: Everyday Rich Social Communication

Our Project

In the span of eight weeks, we created Vincere, a web application dedicated to connecting survivors of sexual assault with drawing.

Our Team

On a fateful day in April, Marie, Sierra, Natasha bonded over a mutual love of lobster font and quickly became Team One. Based in Palo Alto, Team One is dedicated to connecting people through rich social communication. Recently, Team One announced a one dollar round of seed financing from a dozen top venture capital firms and angel investors. Join us in our journey from stealth mode to IPO.

Marie F.

Marie is from Austin, Texas where the stars at night are big and bright.

Sierra K-N.

Sierra is named after the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, which is named after the mountains of Sierra Nevada.

Natasha P.

Natasha loves the Coffee House and probably can be found at the Coffee House right now.